The Company

B&G Construction is a well established construction company based in Malahide, County Dublin. The company specialise in private, residential, commercial and industrial builds. B&G also operates a facility management division. 

B&GThe Problem

B&G Construction contacted LiveCosts as they had a problem tracking project costs. A deeper related problem lied in staying on top of their supplier costs. The team in B&G used excel spreadsheets to stay on top of these costs. This required huge manual effort and was open to human error. This process also opened up duplication of cost processing as it had no connection or integration to their accounting package.


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Introducing LiveCosts


Before moving to LiveCosts the team in B&G were a little uneasy about moving to the unknown as it was different to what they were used to. These worries were quickly put to rest once the LiveCosts training was complete and the team could see the benefits in using modern day software to solve everyday construction problems.


LC Software


The Benefits


When asked, What are the benefits of using LiveCosts? Richard Fitzmaurice the MD of B&G simply replied, "efficiency."


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About LiveCosts

LiveCosts is a construction software company founded by construction software professionals. The company doesn't just provide software, we partner with construction companies to become your technical support. We understand your problems because we lived through them. Learn how we help companies like you, contact us today.


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